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In His name the nations will put their hope. Mat 12:21 NIV


Latvia is a small Eastern European nation situated on the Baltic Sea. Bordering Russia, Estonia and Lithuania, Latvia regained its independence from Russia in 1991. Recovering from a history full of oppression and occupation, many Latvian people struggle to survive day to day.
God has given us a passion to reach out to orphans, the people and churches in Latvia. He has blessed us with wonderful friends, Godly missionaries, and zealous pastors in Latvia. Simply For Latvia will demonstrate God's unconditional love to the children and families in Latvia, and encourage them to take the next step closer to God.

Information about some of our friends in Latvia and supporters in the US Hope For Children is an incredible ministry that reaches out to street kids and their families. Giving children a safe haven during the days, a place to get something to eat, a hot shower, simple medical treatment, a kind friend to talk with, help with their school work, and the love of Christ is just part of what they do. Click on the link to their website for more information. Needs: financial support is a desperate need, donations of clothes, medical and dental supplies, treats for the children, resources for working with teens, volunteers.
Skrunda Day Center The Hope For Children day center helps keep community kids off the streets and out of trouble--and, most importantly, gives them hope. The Day Center offers needy children of Skrunda a place to get a hot meal, wash their clothes, play in a safe and relaxed environment, get help with schoolwork, and learn about the unconditional love of God. Simply For Latvia mission teams worked to help renovate the upper floor of the Skrunda Baptist Church into a new facility for the Day Center. (See the before and after pictures below.) You can also visit our photo galary on our Mission Trips page to see the work in progress. Needs: monthly financial support, donations of clothes, school supplies, arts and craft supplies, medical and dental supplies, treats for the children, computer, resources for working with teens, volunteers. 
Skrunda Baptist Church This small Baptist church in the city of Skrunda, Latvia is striving to reach their small community for Christ. Not only do they offer the Word of God to their community each week, they also take the Word of God to nearby communities, do an AWANA program for children in nearby cities, and are starting a Day Center for children and families in need. This small church is answering a big call from God. Needs: funds for resources, funding support for soup kitchen to community. The Skangali Manor Home is an orphanage instituted by the Salvation Army. Children in the Skangali Manor are able to live in a safe and pleasant environment, where they are cared for and secure. These children either have lost their parents or their parents are unable to care for them due to hard living conditions, alcoholism, or mental instability. The goal at the Skangali Manor is for the children to experience as close to family life as possible to help them prepare for the day when they have a family of their own. There is also a bed and breakfast on property to help support the Skangali Manor and tourism to their area. Needs: Donations, sponsors for the children, donations of clothes, medical and dental supplies, resources for working with teens and children in crisis, treats and gifts for the children during the holidays, etc. Valdis Indrisonoks is a well-known Christian musician and worship songwriter in Latvia. CDs are available in Latvian as well as in English. You can go to his web site for samples of his music and to purchase CDs. Needs: monthly financial support, opportunities to perform, resources to help the Latvian Christian music inducstry grow.
Sparrows' Nest Sparrows Nest is an American non-profit organization committed to meeting the needs of orphaned, abandoned, and neglected children in the former Soviet Union. With its children's home in Jelgava, Latvia, it's reaching out to and changing lives of orphans and families. Needs: volunteers.

The Latvian Angels Project The Latvian Angel Project matches American Christian Sponsors with children at children's homes throughout Latvia. Sponsors provide the child they are sponsoring with a letter of introduction (inculding a photo), and the commitment to pray daily for that child and the workers at the orphanage for an entire year. The sponsor also provides Christmas gifts, occasional letters and small gifts throughout the year. Visit for information. Needs: sponsors, funding for shipping the Christmas gifts to the children.
Various Latvian Children's Homes and Day Centers Through our mission trips and Hosting Program, we also visit and take donations to various Children's Homes and Day Centers throughout Latvia, including the Salvation Army Children's Homes and Day Centers. If you would like to contribute towards donations for the Children's Homes and Day Centers, please contact Needs: donations of vitamins, shoes, clothes, school supplies, arts and craft supplies, medical and dental supplies, head lice treatments, treats for the children, volunteers.

*If you would like to help support any of these organizations by helping supply a need, please contact

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